Jose Carra piano
Bori Albero double bass
Dani Domínguez drums
Enrique Oliver saxophone
Luis Regidor Paín guitar and voice

1.30 h (w/out intermission)

Satélite is the title of Jose Carra’s most recent work. With a quintet format, the pianist from Malaga immerses himself in a more eclectic sound with elaborated melodies based on electronic music and metal rock, and harmonies that recall classical music and are enhanced in live performances.  The material for the album is the same for all the music, and evolves with each song. Some parts are written upside-down on purpose; when turned around they sound right side up, but with the onslaught of the inverted notes. All of this is clearly influenced by the book Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Brai; Godel’s incompleteness theorem, the recursive algorithms and self-references of Escher’s lithographs, paradoxes  jigsaw puzzles.
Moreover, the music is inspired by astrophysical phenomena and represents a new sound in Carra’s universe, which will surprise the audience with the human dimension of a live performance.
Jose Carra’s career as leader began in 2012 with Ewig. The trilogy initiated with El camino (2014), Verso (2016) –with the habitual trio with Bori Albero and Dani Domínez– ends with Diario de vuelo (2018). Enrique Oliver and Luis Regidor Paín join Carra to put the pianist’s latest project in orbit.

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