Gira Cosas de los vivientes


Juan Gómez Canca ‘El Kanka’ voice and spanish guitar
Juan Rubio Pastor ‘El Manin’ persussion and back vocals
Álvaro Ruiz Alcántara guitar and back vocals
José Benítez González drums
Pedro Campos Nieto bass
Carlos Manzanares Lloch brass, accordion, keyboards and back vocals

2.00 h (w/out intermission)

photo ©Alan Nartikoev

After a few months saying goodbye for an indefinite period of time, El Kanka is back to present his new album Cosas de los vivientes. The tour will begin in Murcia in March, and continue through Spain and Latin America. Cosas de los vivientes is his fifth LP, with fourteen songs that will form part of the new repertoire of his live performances, together with his emblematic and indispensable songs ‘Canela en rama’, ‘Que bello es vivir’ and ‘Por tu olor’.
Curiously, although the sound of the singer from Malaga is a great combination of styles that stem from the most diverse musical inheritance, when people listen to one of El Kanka’s songs, they know from the very first chords that he is singing. His talent and spontaneity have captivated both critics and the public wherever he’s been; it’s difficult not to leave one of his concerts with a smile from ear to ear.  El Kanka continues to exude optimism in his lyrics and to produce honest music very much focused on showing what he feels deep inside. This is a great singer/songwriter, whose legion of faithful followers continues to grow unrelentingly.  

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