Mutar fama


Félix López y Miguel Ángel Márquez voice and guitar

1.50 h (w/out intermission)

Antílopez presents its fifth studio project, Mutar fama, a record/performance with committed, unerring and provocative lyrics, perfectly adapted to their diverse song registers and that comprise a kind of present-day playlist with musical signals that refer us to different styles, countries and cultures.
These two songwriters from the Andalusian town of Isla Cristina, who embody their ‘antílope y pez [antelope and fish]’ logo, are back with the intention of grabbing us and shaking us up, alternating the harshest songs with extremely beautiful love romantic dramas, difficult to handle without a tear or nervous laugh. Two antiheroes: brave, indifferent, crazy. Two artisans; two homemade sweets seeking their place amongst industrial pastries.  Two men, two guitars, two receipts of self-employed musicians. Songs of protest!

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