Farsa (género imposible). Sola


[Farce (impossible genre)]
Sílvia Pérez Cruz voice, guitar, percussion, sintes...

1.20 h (w/out intermission)

Farsa (género imposible) stems from her concerns about the duality of who we are and what we show others, about the survival of the fragile inner self; about intimacy in these times in which the surface is so triumphant, in which what is seen can be confused with what is heard.   
The catalan singer and composer alternates records with her own compositions and others in which she interprets and adapts the compositions of other artists. She created this new album conversing with other artistic disciplines, including theatre, film, dance, poetry, painting and animated films.

Sílvia Pérez Cruz’s voice is one of the most startling that has appeared in Spain in recent years. She has been speaking the language of music ever since she can remember; she grew up in the midst of popular Iberian and Latin American songs; and she was trained in classical music and jazz. Caught up in flamenco through a connection that seems supernatural, she sings in a unique manner that makes you shiver. All of her work in multiple dimensions that transcend music is proof of the insatiable creative curiosity of an artist who continues to nourish her own legend.    

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