Le Petit Garage


Ara Malikian violin
Iván ‘Melón’ Lewis piano

1.30 h (w/out intermission)

photo ©Anton Corbijn

Ara Malikian, who is on tour to present his latest album Royal Garage, explains  that “we had to overcome fear and uncertainty, to look forward and create a new format for adapted and responsible concerts. Our Royal Garage became a Petit Garage. A small show, in which the protagonist is not music, but rather persons, feelings, the desire to carry on that unites all of us at this time. As musicians we need to continue bringing culture to persons, to give them some hope and happiness in these difficult times.”
From the biggest and most spectacular venues all over the world, to the most intimate and personal of theatres, Ara and his violin are capable of filling every corner with unique sensations and music.
Accompanied by Iván “Melón” Lewis at the piano, they will perform the pieces of his new record with a more classic concept

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