8 miradas


David Palomar voice
Óscar Lago guitar
Javier Galiana keyboards
David León drums
Yrvis Méndez bass
Javier Katumba percussion
Los Melli back vocals and clapping hands

1.30 h (w/out intermission)

8 miradas is David Palomar’s sixth record and his personal vision of eight specific subjects: gender violence, pollution of the oceans, life, the regression of mankind, laziness, madness as something that is essential and evolution as a form of revolution.
8 views that come into contact, that hurt and stir emotions, provoking a response in the shape of a song..
This is a personal exclamation to tell the world that flamenco musicians have opinions and know how to use their art as a loudspeaker, with the hope of sparking people’s consciences.
Palomar’s singing is imbued with the flamenco atmosphere of the neighbourhood where he was born, Barrio de la Viña in the city of Cadiz. He has travelled all over the world with the companies of Javier Barón, Paco Peña and Cristina Hoyos, and has collaborated with Alejandro Sanz, Niña Pastori, Arkano, El Kanka, Miguel Poveda, Pasión Vega, El Barrio, Tomasito and María Pelae, amongst other musicians. He was awarded the Bandera de Andalucía in 2016 for his efforts in promoting Cádiz abroad, the 6th El Suplemento Award for Best Album for Denominación de origen and the Manolo Caracol and Camarón Awards at the 18th National Flamenco Singing Competition of Cordoba.

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