Un lugar perfecto Tour


Jairo Zavala voice and guitars
Martín Bruhn drums
Héctor Rojo bass and back vocals
Raúl Marques multi-instrumentalist and back vocals
Kike Fuentes guitar and back vocals

2.00 h (w/out intermission)

‘This is a journey along a back road, a road that bears witness to our transition from anxiety to hope. The celebration, the emotion and the disappointment that make the path of life as confusing as it is poetic. Jairo Zavala shows us what we are: foggy minds, but with the capacity to love and remember, because life is where we feel, not where we think, and what makes us human is there, like Un lugar perfecto (...) A limit in the infinite so that we do not get lost, as revealed by the coordinates of the artist himself, who could not look at himself in the mirror without the dialogue between his beloved Madrid mountains and the Andes. Absence and reencounter. Border and utopia. Walls that far from being barriers are the possibility of wallowing in freedom’. Luis Alberto González Arenas
Depedro is the musical alter ego of Jairo Zavala, which began in 2008 with the album Depedro recorded with the US band Calexico in Tucson, Arizona. This collaboration continued in all successive albums and became reciprocal when Jairo became the band's guitarist.
From that moment to the present, the cross-border project has brought together musical, aesthetic and cultural influences from Latin America, Africa, the Mediterranean and the United States in a career that currently comprises four long-playing albums, several EPs and singles, as well as the documentary Casamance.

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