Albert Pla voice and guitar
Diego Cortés guitar
Judit Farrés programming and electronic sounds
Prenda Roja - Cristina López and Ana Brenes back vocals, clapping hands and dancing 
Belén Martí choreography and dancing

1.30 h (w/out intermission)

Let’s admit it: Albert Pla is not a human being; he’s a mutant with an unending capacity for reinvention.   Behind that shabby coat, the shoddy boots and the aquiline profile of his face there someone ready to reprogram himself whenever he sees fit and thus offer a renewed and improved version of himself. Oblivious of programmed obsolescence and the deciduous artist, the artist from Sabadell is back to demonstrate this ability with his current proposal and the backing of The Surprise Band.
Albert Pla has chosen songs ranging from his first album (89) to other pieces that have not yet been recorded in the studio, devising a proposal that sounds refreshing, hilarious, vibrant and at times even danceable; one that is vigorously surprising. In keeping with the name of the show, Rumbagenarios. On stage, this mixture of experience and youth is reflected in the rhythm of the rumba ventilator and the electronic sampler. And above all of this, as befits the classic he is in spite of himself, there reappears a the human being who whispers, questions and provokes, narrates, sings and incites, acts, recites and stuns. Remarkably talented, he is in constant renovation, but always true to himself. And this means, that once again, he is truly infallible.  

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