con cariño y con cuidado


Valeria Castro leading voice, acoustic guitar and square tambourine
Laia Muñoz keyboards and back vocals 
Pablo Cáceres acoustic guitar, ronroco and back vocals
Marco Niemietz double bass
Iván Mellén percussion

1.30 h (w/out intermission)

photo ©Alba Yruela

Valeria Castro’s young voice is sensitive, fragile, apt to cause shivers. Born 22 years ago in the island of La Palma, she belongs to this new generation that is familiar with the terminology of trap, tanganas, reggaeton and perreo style music. Yet her voice is also ancient, wise, with roots, as if it were the voice of a woman with a soul lacerated by the sorrows of life. “I am not as vulnerable as my songs, but as a person I am very close to that vulnerability. If not, I would not be able to sing: I would feel like an actress. And I need my identity and my life to coincide with what I later reflect through music.”
Two years after the delicate EP Chiquita, with very special versions of ‘Peter Pan’ by El Canto del Loco, ‘Agua’ by Jarabe de Palo’and ‘Copenhague’ by Vetusta Morla, and after innumerable concerts, she has decided to publish her first record, con cariño y con cuidado; eleven songs in which she tells us that she sings about “what she feels” and which have placed her amongst the top 100 in sales. In respect to a musical industry marked by singles. Valeria insists that artists need to to bring their work together in records and with them bring an end to phases, like Rosalía and Bad Bunny.

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