[Stories of Women]

Movie Score Malaga Assemble Orchestra
Conductor Isabel Rubio

Story 1.- Promising Young Woman - Anthony Willis
Original title: Promising Young Woman
Oscar for Best Original Screenplay 2021 / 2021 BAFTA nomination for best original score
This first section also includes pieces from the scores of How to Train you Dragon: Homecoming and Solitary.

Story 2.- For Sama - Nainita Desai
Original title: For Sama
Nominated for the 2020 Oscar for Best Documentary / Winner of the 2020 BAFTA Award for Best Documentary / Nominated by the British Independent Film Awards for Best Original Score.
This second section also includes pieces from the score of American Murder: The Family Next Door

Story 3.- The Queen’s Gambit - Carlos Rafael Rivera
Original title: The Queen's Gambit
2021 Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Original Music

Story 4.- Blood - Paloma Peñarrubia
2021 ASECAN Nomination for Best Original Score


In recent years the stories of great women have been shown on our screens. From the magnificent and popular The Queen's Gambit, which has made the fascinating game of chess popular again, to the heartbreaking story of For Sama, a flight from the hell of Aleppo to the tragedy of being a refugee;  the story of a journalist mother and her newly born daughter, which has deeply moved the whole world and won the BAFTA Award for Best Documentary in 2020. This special book of stories will also include Promising Young Woman, Oscar for the Best Screenplay in 2021 and one of the best films of 2020; and Blood, one of the best film scores by Paloma Peñarrubia, who is one of our most talented and interesting composers. An essential narration framed by music.

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