Francis Bonela flamenco singer
Rubén Lara guitar
David Galiano percussion
Manuel Cantarote and Juan Diego Valencia clapping hands
Guest artists
Daniel Casares and Bonela Chico guitar
Sara Sánchez flamenco dancer

1.20 h (w/out intermission)

This concert is the live recording project for the next record of Bonela Hijo, a well-known cantaor of classic flamenco. During the concert the singer’s voice will be accompanied by guitars, percussion and clapping, together with beautiful arrangements and a meticulous production   
Bonela’s repertory will consist of traditional flamenco songs with an instrumental treatment that differs from the usual one, together with flamenco-type versions of songs of different origins, all of them carefully chosen after years of painstaking study.

Bonela Hijo (Malaga, 1974) is the name received from his father, the singer Niño Bonela who was born and raised in the village of Casarabonela, province of Malaga. The former’s singing merges the value of research, on which his musical and stylistic choices are based, with mature interpretative skills developed in the course of his experience in different flamenco settings.   
With a long and successful artistic and professional career during which he has published numerous records and has won over 400 awards, including the La Union award and the National Prize of Cordoba, Bonela Hijo tackles this new project in his prime. 

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