In Paradiso. Música sacra y moral italiana del siglo XVII


[In Paradiso - Italian 17th century sacred and spiritual music]

Raquel Andueza soprano
La Galanía
Pablo Prieto violin
Manuel Vilas two-order harp
Jesus Fernandez Baena theorbo


Vana bergamasca, Anonymous (XVII century)
O che nuovo stupor, Francesca Caccini (ca. 1587-1640)
Madre non mi far monaca, Anonymous (XVII century)
Chacona, Anonymous (XVII century)
Dormi, deh, dormi, Anonymous (XVII century)
Lamento della Maddalena, Claudio Monteverdi (1567 - 1643)
Follia del mondo, Anonymous (XVII century)
Spagnoletto disonorato, Anonymous (XVII century)
Dormi, o ninno, Cristoforo Caresana (ca. 1640 - 1709)
Pasacalles, Anonymous (XVII century)
Stava in rozza cappanella, Anonymous (XVII century)
Cantata spirituale, Benedetto Ferrari (1603/4-1681)

1.15 h (w/out intemission)

photo ©Michal Novak

This is our repertory’s most intimate programme, which includes the most beautiful religious and spiritual Italian music of the 17th century. Ten pieces with every different histories and approaches sung by  women, from a young girl who does not want to be a nun to an Arianna converted into a profanely heartbroken Maria Magdalene at the death of Jesus Christ; all of it embellished by three spiritual songs that alert us of the dangers of not being virtuous, two lullabies sung by the Virgin Mary to put the baby Jesus to sleep and other decisive pieces such as Tarquinio Merula’s visionary lullaby and Benedetto Ferrari’s Cantata spirituale. Passion, tenderness, longing, absence, heartbreak, hope…all told and sung with music subordinated to words in an almost servile and certainly revolutionary manner at the time. We are at the dawn of baroque music, one of the most audacious and innovating proposals of the history of music that is beginning to unfold in the Italy of Claudio Monteverdi. Intense lines, tension between melody and the bass-line and a rhetoric disposition that seeks to move the listener. The two most important women in the life of Jesus Christ come together, connected by passion, to engage in an authentic dialogue of love and pure music.

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