Concert Bal


Javier Gutierrez Masso ‘Caramelo’ piano
Yelsy Heredia bass, double bass and voice 
Ramon Gonzalez ‘El León’ percussions
Manuel Machado trumpet
Joulien Ferrer Matamoros trombone
Juan Carlos Aracil flute
Enrique Oliver saxophone
Tomasito voice and dance 
Tino di Geraldo drums and artistic direction 

1.20 h (w/out intermission)
photo ©Ana Palma

CIFU Award 2021

Tino di Geraldo is a lot more than a drum player and percussionist; he also plays the bass guitar, the guitar and the keyboard. Performer, composer and producer in equal parts, his manner of understanding creation justifies his fortunate alliances with so many musical figures of our time  (Aute, Luz Casal, Jackson Browne, Cómplices, Golpes Bajos, Paco de Lucía, Camarón, Morente…).
Solo albums like his debut Burlerías (1994), Flamenco lo serás tú (1998) and Tino (2004) are evidence of an artist that continues to search for himself. This occurs with Concert Bal, the title of his latest project, whose release, both in physical and digital format, is scheduled for this fall. The work is made up of a set of rhapsodies in which jazz, Latin, flamenco, Maghreb, copla, his own compositions and versions (Nine Inch Nails, Paco de Lucia, Van Van) flow with arrangements designed for live performances.

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