[Between two shores-Tribute to Miguel de Molina]
Compañia de Antonio de Veronica y Saray Cortes
Direction Antonio de Verónica and Saray Cortés
Choreography Antonio de Verónica, Saray Cortés, David Romero, Adrián Santana and La Farruca
Dramaturgy Rafael Moraira
Musical direction Salva de María
Flamenco dancers Antonio de Verónica, Saray Cortés and corps de ballet of the Company
Flamenco singers Luis Miguel Montoya Cortés, May Fernández and Rosario Heredia
Guitars Salva de María, José Luis Lastre, Juan Carlos Gutiérrez and Miguel Cortés
Percussion Juan Utrera
Piano Juan Carranque
Viola Jose Lastre
Cello David Lastre
Orquesta de Málaga Promúsica
Tango couple Mercedes Ángel and Diego Arias
With the collaboration of La Salinera and Pedro El Granaíno

1.45 h (w/out intermission)

Hand programme (ESP)

An original and daring tribute to the singer of tonadillas (popular songs of theatrical origin) Miguel de Molina, who was from Malaga. Avant-garde, innovator, rebellious, “a true artist” whose way of singing, of dressing, of looking and performing set the trend and became a symbol and example of opposition to the harsh political, social and economic situation of Spain in the middle of the 20th century, which forced him to go into exile, never returning to Spain. With theatrical scenes of his difficult and passionate life, and by adapting his most popular verses to the different styles or palos of flamenco, the flamenco company of Antonio de Verónica & Saray Cortés, from Malaga, pays tribute to the person and to the artist. 

Antonio de Verónica was born in Malaga and began studying dance at the age of seven. He has studied with Susana Lupiáñez ‘la Lupi’, with whom he accompanied on his first tours. Daughter of the well-known dancer ‘La Salinera’, Saray Cortés, who is also from Malaga, was began her artistic activity when she was five years old, and at the age of sixteen she premiered her own group of flamenco performers. The two form the Compañía Sánchez-Cortés and teach at their school of flamenco dance. They have shared the stage with the great flamenco artists, including Farruquito, Estrella Morente, Rafael Amargo, Miguel Poveda, Marina Heredia, Pitingo and José Mercé.

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