Lee Dongha Dance Project

Hand programme (ESP)

This show is performed in collaboration with the 2023 Chumdanza Festival of the Korean Cultural Center in Spain

Guernica again
Premiere October 2016, Korea
Choreography and performer Dongha Lee
30 min (w/out intermission)  Contemporary dance
photo ©Park Sang Yun
Guernica again is inspired by Picasso’s striking painting and its reflection of the horrors of indiscriminate bombing of civilians. Focused on similar and repeated events of the past, this piece aims to present the limitations, the violence and, above all, the vigorous and resilient human vitality in the face of adversity.  

Repeat and variation
Premiere February 2020, Korea
Choreography Dongha Lee
Performers Jinho Park, Seungwoo Noh, Ming-jou Tsung, Eunki Kwon, Gaeun Ha, Seojeong Choi, Jeongmin Lee and Daehee Kim
27 min (w/out intermission) Contemporary dance
photo ©Sang Hoon
Repeat and variation is a visual representation of human life that evolves through everyday actions which are repeated from birth to death.

Lee Dongha (Seoul, 1987) is a renowned choreographer and dancer who addresses relevant social issues with powerful movements based on his own experiences. In 2006 and 2009 he won the Best University Performer Award in Korea, and received the Award as Best Choreographer at the Critics Choice Competition for his work Guernica again. He also received the Next Generation Choreography Award in Korea. In 2015, he founded his own company and has performed at major dance festivals in Asia. This season he will be touring in Spain, France and Finland.

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