Manuela Nogales Danza
Choreography and direction Manuela Nogales
Original music Lehónidas Boskovec
Performers Lucía Vázquez, Leticia Gude and María Moguer

50 min (w/out intermission) Contemporary dance
photo ©Lehónidas Boskovec

Hand programme (ESP)

“The language of choreography allows and respects individual hallmark and substance, searching for the state of singularity that is always dormant and develops into different corporealities. And at the same time it brings synchrony to diverse heterogeneous bodies and explores the multiple capacities, both physical and expresssive, which all bodies possess. In periods of noise, it is essential, more than ever, to distinguish between the unique experience which is only made with silence; to cease living disoriented and to evoke each body’s singularity.”  Manuela Nogales
Founded in 1996, the company Manuela Nogales Danza has contributed qualitatively to the improvement and development of dance in Andalusia. One of the pilars of this choreagrapher and dancer’s career has been the defense of the figure of women as intellectual creators. Research, experimentation and commitment have crystallised in more than twenty projects in which dance and the body coexist with other forms of expression, such as image, sound, photography and words. 

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